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OD: Resonance LP Audio Cassette

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KDP Worldwide is at it again with this talented pairing of production team members—Oath of Perth, (AUS). and Drumat!c (aka Drumz) of Philadelphia (USA). Together they are O.D. or simply 'OD'. And to bring in the U.S. spring/summer and Australian autumn/winter of 2019, we present to you the collaborative result 'titled' OD: Resonance.

Many nights and days were spent placing the utmost care and focus into this latest KDP release... over 1000+ hours of dedicated time to be exact! From the final mix and mastering process of the audio (each with unique versions for the tape/digital and vinyl editions), to the meticulous artwork with assembled-by-hand package design, which has even more subtle details such as the Kicdrum Products label logo laser etched into the limited cassette tape cases—there was not a single moment where 'good' was 'good enough'. (We hope you too see and hear this in the project.)

Utilising nothing more than our SP1200 samplers, tape reel, a multi track recorder, various processing racks, a handful of DS/DD floppy disks—neck breaking drum breaks—and a plethora of dusty samples selected from our vaults of obscure rarities… the end result is one we are extremely proud to present to you!

Thank You so much,
Oath&Drumz – OD

2018-2019 Kicdrum Products, LLC.


CASSETTE TAPE - Super Ferro Normal-bias - Music Grade Tape - Real Time Duplication - Yellow Translucent - J-Card + 3 Panel - Double Sided Liner Notes - Laser Etched KDP Logo on Case


PROGRAMME 1 (side A):
Total Runtime - 49:59

OD Intro feat. OG Kaine / Always Sunny / Ondas / Earland Wind & Fire / Dawn / Dopamine Nyamean / Beach Terrain / GGnB / Pastorius / Crono Trigger / Amor Desvanecido / The Dose Makes the Poison / She’s Caught in The Loop / Marciano 6ix / Wurly / Sickenin / Retribution I / Dear Mr. Rossum / Four Miles from Independence / Critical Decisions / Hutch / Come to The Innerlude / E.B.E. / Farewell Osaka

PROGRAMME 2 (side B):
Total Runtime - 49:54

DJ Archives Special Mix

Release date: May 10th, 2019